Project Description

Prescott Choice

Approx. Total Weight: 74 oz

Approx. Pile Height: 1.50 in

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Polyethylene

Infill: 1.0 lbs / psf

Warranty: 16 years

Roll Size: 15 ft x 100 ft max

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Prescott Choice has a summer and emerald green coloring. The W blade makes for a softer feel, which is great for the whole family. Prescott Choice looks vibrant wherever you choose to install it.

*Please be aware that these pictures may not show the exact, true color or size of the material and we do not advise ordering off these pictures. These pictures are for reference and we welcome everyone to come to the yard to see the material in person.
**Landscape materials are a natural product that comes from a quarry. We have no control over the product and cannot guarantee the size, shape, or color of the material.
***All sales are final.